Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions, please click on a question to find out more.

Can I purchase an existing Boots Opticians practice?

Yes, each year a small proportion of our franchise practices are sold to new and existing Franchise Partners due to current Franchise Partners choosing to sell their businesses.  In addition, we occasionally convert a number of our 'owned' Practices to Franchise as they better suit the franchise model.

Do I pay any monthly fees?

Yes, the Franchise Partner pays Boots a monthly service fee percentage based on net sales for the rights to trade under the Boots brand name. There will also be a contribution towards the cost of services used within Boots Opticians like National Advertising and Promotions, maintaining the IT systems, etc.

How do I raise the money to buy a franchise?

Each Franchise Partner is responsible for organising their own funding whether they're opening a new Practice or purchasing an existing Practice. Boots Opticians do not recommend specific lenders but there are a number of banks, brokers and lending houses who have a thorough understanding of our franchise model and are keen to support new Franchise Partners. Lenders and Boots Opticians will also expect a significant level of personal investment in addition to any lending being organised.

How much will I earn?

This is your business and you decide on the levels of salary you pay yourself and your employees. We will provide you with a business plan which indicates all salaries at market rates including a salary for yourself. In addition to this the profitability of your business will be illustrated. As your business matures it will grow in value, the equity in your business is yours and can be realised in the future if you decide to sell your business.

Can I source my own frame stock?

Boots Opticians offers a fantastic range of own brand, exclusive brands and designer brands to suit the local demographics of your Practice. The Franchise Partners are able to supplement this range up to a certain level from approved suppliers to meet more specific requirements.  The benefit of working with Boots is that Franchise Partners also enjoy the scale of Boots frame volume requirements and the cost efficiencies this brings to the business.

Can I do my own glazing or use a lab of my choice?

All your glazing requirements will be fulfilled through the exclusive Boots Opticians supply chain.  The supply chain provides Boots Opticians with a high quality level of service and allows for Franchise Partners and 'owned' Practices to benefit from the same cost prices.

Can I do my own local marketing?

Yes, you can promote your business in your local community and we have a variety of resources to support you. We encourage local relationships to be built as the Franchise Partner invests in their local community for the long term care of their patients.

Can I offer my own price incentives?

Yes, you can offer discounts and incentives to promote your Practice locally and drive volume as long as they're within the guidelines and do not put the brand at risk.

Do I have to use your accountants to do my books?

No, Boots do not recommend any particular firm of accountants to complete your accounts but we insist on quarterly reports in a specific format to allow our Franchise Regional Managers to support your annual business reviews.

Do I need to find my own property?

We will use our resources and contacts across the UK led through our Estates team in Nottingham to find the most suitable property for a new opening.  We will negotiate the best terms possible aligned to the local market and ensure that the unit it is suitable for opening a Practice. We operate all new leases on a joint tenancy between Boots Opticians and the Franchise Partner.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the building?

Most leases are “full repairing leases” which mean that you are responsible for repairs inside and to the outside of the property during the term of the lease.