Convert an existing business

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a suitable unit in a specific location to open a new Practice with our Franchise Partners.

Boots Opticians are happy to consider Franchise Partners who wish to purchase an existing Opticians business in a location, where the brand isn’t yet accessible for new and existing customers, to then convert to a Boots Opticians Franchise Practice.  We can offer you support by sharing local demographic information, reviewing local competition and sharing local knowledge and relationships through our network of Boots the Chemist stores.

We occasionally convert a number of our owned freestanding Practices to Franchise where it may be difficult to resource the Practice with clinicians and/or where this location better suits the Franchise model.  The model for purchasing these Practices will vary dependent upon the profitability of that specific Practice, however in certain scenarios we are able to offer payment plans and concessions with little upfront costs for the new Franchise Partner in their new Practice.  Please contact our Franchise Team for more details.

In line with the selection process for all other opportunities you will need to prepare a business plan for the location and Practice that will be assessed by our Franchise team.  Of course, we’ll help you with those plans whilst ensuring that you retain full accountability for the plan and are able to share the appropriate details with you lender as necessary.