Boots Opticians commitment

Our franchise support teams will help and support you through every step of the process and beyond.


Setting up a new business on your own presents a significant challenge with many potential pit falls. Our franchise support team has a wealth of experience which will help and support you through the process.

Setting up your business:

  • Business Planning and securing finance
  • Property acquisitions and lease negotiations
  • Design and project management of shop fits
  • Franchise partner induction and training
  • Product selection and merchandising
  • Local marketing campaigns
  • Implementation of computer & IT systems

Once you are open for business you will have support from the local operating team to provide ongoing support to ensure you get the best out of your business. In addition, your Franchise Regional Manager will support you with annual business healthchecks and strategic reviews of your business plans.

Operating your business:

  • Financial management and cost control
  • Implementation of systems and processes
  • Driving business performance
  • Liaison between your business and the support office team
  • Product selection and merchandising
  • Staff training and development
  • Local marketing support and promotions



As part of your journey to become a Franchise Partner we will work closely with you to identify your training needs. Our Franchise Team will arrange for you to spend time with existing Franchise Partners so you can have some first hand experience of a Boots Opticians practice. In addition we will organise for you an Introduction to Boots Opticians at our support office in Nottingham. Further training and development will be discussed with you on and individual basis to ensure your specific needs are met. 

Boots Opticians can also provide award winning, Nationally Accredited training for your Optical Consultants.